An identification that distinguishes products or services, consisting of a word, image, symbol, etc., or a combination of these elements above


The exclusive right (including property rights and moral rights) enjoyed by the authors of their creative works in a literary, artistic or scientific form


In Shnfan, every case goes through 12 procedures and 3 manual search reviews, with multiple retrievals and careful checks


Senior IP experts explore deeply into the technical proposal and communicate effectively with each other, to guarantee a faithful and perfect representation of the technology.


Every technological innovation deserves to be treated with scrupulous care; every piece of intelligence requires to be presented with a legal identity

S  H  N  F  A  N T  E  A  M

Shnfan Team

We are Shnfan people. We have passions on our work and enjoy communicating with customers. It is a process of solving problems and providing customers with solutions. Whenever we get recognition from a customer, we get one more sense of accomplishment. Each member of our team is required to possess excellent professional knowledge and great service spirit to resolve the concerns of our customers. It is said that the customer is God, whereas in our opinion, the customer is a friend.

More Experts
I owe any achievements entirely to the high sense of responsibility for my customs and my work. Earnestness makes things to be correct, but concentration makes things to be perfect.