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What are the requirements for a patent grant?

According to Article 22 of the 《Patent Law》, granted inventions and utility models should include novelty, creativity, and industrial applicability.

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Can the patent be renewed after expiration?

The answer is no. The Article 42 of the 《Patent Law》stipulates that the duration of patent rights for inventions shall be 20 years, and the duration of patent rights for utility models and design patents shall be 10 years

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Why do I need to pay the registration fee before issuing the certificate?

According to Article 54 of the 《Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law》:After the State Council's patent administrative department issues a notice of the grant of a patent right, the applicant shall register within 2 months from the date of receipt of the notification....

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Which inventions cannot be patented?

According to Article 25 of the《Patent Law》, the following objects cannot be granted patent rights (Ⅰ)Scientific discovery (Ⅱ)Intellectual activity rules and methods (Ⅲ)Diagnosis and treatment of diseases (Ⅳ)Animal and plant species (Ⅴ)Substances obtained by nuclear transformation (Ⅵ)The design of the logo and color for the flat prints, or the combination, which is mainly used for identification.

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What is the difference between patent applicants and inventors?

The patent applicant is the person who applied for a patent to the Patent Office for an invention; The patent inventor is a person who makes a creative contribution to the substantive features of an invention. The applicant can be a company or a natural person, and the inventor can only be a natural person. Under normal circumstances, the inventor and the applicant are the same person...

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