An identification that distinguishes goods or services from a combination of text, graphics, letters, etc., or a combination of the above


The right of exclusive use of the invention-creator or its assignee for a particular invention to be granted by law within a certain period of time


Refers to the rights of authors of literary, artistic, scientific works to their works (including property rights, personal rights)


In Shnfan, every case will be checked through 12 procedures, 3 manual search reviews, we make careful checks at all levels


Senior IP experts deeply digging through technical proposal, communicating with each other, making technology really show their perfection


Every technological innovation deserves scrupulous care; every gem of wisdom needs to be legal

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Shnfan Team

We are Shnfan people. We love working and communicating with customers. It is a process of solving problems and providing customers with solutions. Whenever we get recognition from a customer, we get one more sense of accomplishment. Each of our employees hold a strong professional knowledge and a good service spirit so that we can understand the customer's concerns. People say that the customer is king; in our opinion, the customer is friend.

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Any achievement I enjoy is entirely due to my high sense of responsibility towards my customers and work. Staidness makes right, but carefulness makes well.